Offsite monitoring

Offsite monitoring can be defined as the viewing of CCTV systems via links and internet connections Between a camera system and a control room. Think of an alarm system in your home, connected to An armed response unit.

Remember – Offsite monitoring is pro-active and designed to prevent losses occurring.


Monitoring of alarm activation- inform management about faulty alarm activation Manager cannot monitor the system during normal trading hours
Incident report delivered to the client within 24 hours Playbacks is time-consuming, real time viewing is lost due to playbacks
Fair judgement on wrong-doing of all employees from the management’s prospective Hard drive can be removed and no footage will be available for investigation of incidents
All incidents written to a disc for further investigation Cam Live Vision helps the client to use its CCTV system to its full potential, not necessarily going to happen if the client needs to operate the system
Neutral investigation by operators Playbacks only occur when an incident happens, whilst Cam Live Vision does it on a daily basis, irrespective of incidents or not
Immediate action is taken on incidents System can be sabotaged in-house
Fully trained staff on all systems. System gets updated regularly, enhancing the service delivery Lack of knowledge on how to operate the system; system not necessarily updated on a regular basis, decreasing the quality of footage
Operators can view persons arriving at a house When you are busy at your home, you are not necessarily keeping an eye on your CCTV system
When you accidentally leave a gate open, our operators will be in touch with you immediately to inform you to close your gate When you start to get busy inside your home, you may not realize that your gate(s) are still open, making it easy for trespassers to enter
CCTV systems cannot be threatened or bribed Staff can be bribed by fellow employees or home owners can be threatened by burglar to make them dispose of footage.
Depending on the placement of the camera, the whole property can be viewed 24/7. Client cannot monitor the property on a 24/7 basis.