About Us


Our Story

The company started off in November 2007 from where we refined our expertise until the company was officially registered in June of 2010.

Cam Live Vision was established to provide professional, innovating and cost-effective 24-hour offsite monitoring solutions in all spectrums: private, corporate, industrial and commercial retail. Fundamental to the success of the company, is that we established the ability to correctly translate information captured on the monitoring systems to the client.

Our Work

Cam Live Vision’s most valued assets are our employee’s intellectual capital. We employ individuals who have experience and knowledge in retail and who knows how to conduct risk management in the retail environment.

Through high-level partnerships, the company provides its clients with the best choice solutions that address the client’s unique business requirements. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage since we can offer our clients the following:

  • A professional service
  • Affordable rate
  • Best quality and consistency in service
  • Ensure a minimal amount of staff turnover which in turn contributes to our reliability and accountability
  • 24-Hour service

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